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Ethiopia to build largest airport in Africa

With a $5 billion worth airport facility, Ethiopia will soon become the home of the largest airport in Africa. The Ethiopian government, within the next six months, wants to start the building of the airport, which will further establish the dominance of its aviation sector in the continent. What’s fascinating about it? In a report by Bloomberg, Ethiopian […]

Digital partnership between Ethiopian Airlines and Abay Bank to facilitate ticket purchasing

A new digital payment option has been made available for Ethiopian Airlines passengers after a recent partnership between the airline and Abay Bank. The enhanced payment method allows customers to purchase tickets on the Ethiopian Airlines app using mobile banking with Abay Bank, adding to the existing digital payment options on the Airlines’ e-commerce platform. […]

Standard Bank looking into Ethiopia’s potential

Africa’s largest banking group by assets, Standard Bank, have their sights set on opening a branch in Ethiopia, given there is a shift in the country’s financial sector, allowing the presence of foreign banks. The potential was discussed at the Global Business Forum (GBF) on Africa 2019, in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, the African-focused […]

Africa’s opportunity to boost growth by winning over Chinese tourists

With the number of Chinese outbound travellers surging each year, Africa has a significant opportunity to boost its economic development through tourism. The African tourism sector has made meaningful strides in recent years but is still barely scratching the surface of its potential. Boasting an enviable natural environment as well as rich and diverse cultures, […]

PepsiCo becomes shareholder in Ethiopian company Senselet

PepsiCo has become a major shareholder in Senselet Food Processing, an Ethiopian crisps company founded by Veris Investments in 2015. Veris Investments will continue to maintain a minority interest in Senselet and partner with PepsiCo to further grow the business and develop potato sourcing programmes in Ethiopia. According to Netherlands-based Veris, Senselet has a leading […]

Ethiopia Plans to Irrigate Over a Million Hectares till September

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture announced plans to irrigate 1.2 million hectares of land until September 2020. This shall enable Ethiopia to harvest 120 million quintals of crops and vegetables. “At present about 836,000 hectares of land are covered with various crops and vegetables in cooperation with agriculture extension workers and farmers,” said Germame Garuma, Agriculture […]

Chinese firm builds major road project in W. Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Saturday launched the construction of a Chinese-contracted major road project in western Ethiopia’s Jimma zone. Ahmed, accompanied by senior government officials, on Saturday witnessed the corner-stone laying ceremony for the 94 km project, state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported on Saturday. The project came as the Ethiopian government […]