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About CTW

The successful industry leading CTW Portfolio connects local SMEs businesses with the most innovative firms, manufacturers, ICT providers and stakeholders. In support of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), CTW organizer MIE Events DMCC, Dubai, provides a comprehensive framework for organising and managing multi-national economic development and trade platforms. MIE Events has organised CTW platforms since 2012 in the Middle East and Africa, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, UAE and Morocco. The continuous support and commitment of public and private institutions for CTW, ensures that very best of International Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Innovation and ICT sectors are represented throughout the CTW Portfolio.

In 2020, CTW will be expanding the portfolio and take it to the next level through the following new territories: Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan and Rwanda. MIE Groups global aim is to become the leading market intelligence and B2B platform focusing on Global Trade.