03 - 05 May 2018

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Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group Co.,Ltd.

Jereh is an international, integrated oil and gas company specializing in oil and gas engineering and construction, oilfield technology services and equipment manufacturing. Through 15 years of development in the industry, Jereh has become China’s largest privately-held listed oil and gas company.Today, our eight global R&D centers staffed with 1200+ professional engineers encourage technical innovations and strive for long-term leadership in the industry. Likewise, our eighteen international branches are established to work closely with customers in more than 60 countries to maximize the potential of every operation through reliable products and services.

“Focus on customer needs, value employee dedication and continuously improving to be the best” expresses Jereh’s universal understanding of what we do. Our 5300+ employees are committed to creating value for our customers, impacting the prosperity of the community, producing return for investors and securing growth for the future. Focusing on the new challenges and opportunities of our industry, Jereh continuously offers competitive solutions and technology to help customers optimize the investment and thus make energy E&P more safe, reliable, efficient and eco-friendly!

Our Business

Fifteen years of dedication and persistence in oil and gas has made us industry expert. Backed by years of proven experience in equipment manufacturing, Jereh is now expanding its business into oilfield technology services and oil & gas engineering and construction. In two years, Jereh seeks to make this three-way business structure the principle factor in our company growth.

Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturing

As a world leading oil and gas equipment manufacturer, Jereh enjoys the edges in providing integrated equipment solutions and compact modular products for our customers, as well as achieving constant breakthroughs in unconventional and offshore fields. From polar region to tropical rainforests, from deep sea to hot desert, Jereh’s reliable equipment has been utilized in many different oil and gas sectors throughout the globe including cementing, fracturing, coiled tubing, nitrogen pumping and gas compressing. Partnering with our customers, we work hard to address industry challenges and facilitate the accessibility of energy worldwide.

Our products: Offshore Rig, Drilling and Workover Rig, Intervention and Stimulation Equipment, Well Completion Equipment, Gas Compression Equipment, Gas Treatment and Processing Equipment, LNG and CNG Fueling Equipment.

Oil and Gas Engineering and Construction (EPC)

Encouraged by each success achieved by our customers, we continue to offer competitive solutions for any project. With the help of our global procurement network, rich experience in modular fabrication and construction and strong capabilities in natural gas purification and liquefaction technologies, Jereh is committed to becoming a world- leading engineering and construction company that delivers world-class engineering consulting, designing and EPC services.

Business Scope: Oilfield Surface Engineering, Gasfield Surface Engineering, Oil & Gas Processing, Unconventional Oil & Gas Processing, Underground Gas Storage Engineering, Environment Treatment,  LNG Terminal.

Oilfield Technology Services

As the first Chinese company certified by the API and QHSE management system, Jereh is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to produce value for customers while maintaining the strict standards of industry. From reservoir evaluation, oilfield development planning, design and operation of well drilling and completion to integrated environmental management including waste oil mud and cuttings management, waste injection and water treatment, Jereh acts upon the responsibility of environmental protection using the most current technology and methods to achieve balance between nature and industry.

Business Scope: Drilling, Completion, Well Intervention, Downhole Services, Environmental Management

Quick Facts (As of December 2014)

▪ Jereh was founded in1999, Yantai, China and went public in 2010 (SZ002353)
▪ Net Asset: RMB 9 billion
▪ 20 subsidiaries, 26 overseas branches and 5300 employees worldwide
▪ 8 industrial parks covering a collective area of 757 acres
▪ Equipment and services have been sold in  more than 60 countries and regions
▪ 8 global R&D centers (Houston U.S.A., Calgary Canada, Yantai, Beijing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Shanghai, Dezhou of China)
▪ Annual R&D investment is more than 5.5% of sales revenue
▪ Strategic partnership with over 50 universities and research institutes
▪ Recognized and Awarded by Forbes from 2011 to 2014
▪ Participation in UN Global Compact, 2014 Outstanding Contribution Award to Chinese Charity, 2013 Most Influential Industry Brand in China