02 - 04 May 2019

Addis Ababa, Millennium Hall

China provides high-level scholarships for 29 Ethiopian students

(EBC; Aug 08, 2018) - The Chinese government on Wednesday provided 29 scholarships to Ethiopian university students to pursue further studies in China.

The 29 recipients will pursue graduate studies in Chinese universities both in social and natural science disciplines, majority of them set to take on their doctoral studies, it was noted.

Samuel Kifle, Ethiopia's Deputy Minister of Education, said that the scholarship grant from the Chinese government to Ethiopians depicts "one of the best partnerships in the world in all the diplomatic, cultural and economic arenas."

"We will continue to have this strong relationship, because we are sending another 29 bright students who will make the difference in this country's future," Samuel said.

Noting the Ethiopian government's commitment in strengthening access to higher education, Samuel has also commended the support from the Chinese government in filling the gap in terms of access to higher education.

"As we are investing in our human capital, the contribution from China, mainly in terms of scholarship provision, is immense," he said.

Tan Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, also said that partnership in education is "very meaningful and important work."

Tan further called on scholarship recipients to serve as the connecting bridges in the people-to-people relations among the two countries.

Source: Xinhua

Published: 08/08/18