02 - 04 May 2019

Addis Ababa, Millennium Hall

Ethiopia Hosts First China Trade Week

July 5, 2017 - The firstChina Trade week, where more than 38 Chinese exhibitors take part, opened inAddis Ababa yesterday, according to Xinhua.  The China Trade Week inEthiopia is supported by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and China Council forthe Promotion of International Trade.

The 38 Chinese companies are comprised of various sectors:including lighting and energy, home electronics, construction materials andmachinery, clothing and textiles, health and beauty.

According to Michelle Meyrick with MIE Events, the eventorganizer, the first China Trade Week in the East African country has attracted38 Chinese exhibitors that are showcasing their products and services to get ataste of the Ethiopian market.

"The trade show provides an opportunity for the localbusiness community to develop direct trading links with high-end Chineseproduct manufacturers," said Meyrick.

More than 40 of Ethiopia's total 121 foreign investment projectsthat were set operational over the past six months came from China with acapital worth more than 3 billion birr (close to $130 billion).

Referring to the ever increasing Chinese investment in Ethiopia,Meyrick expressed the vision to make the Chinese Trade Week an annual event inEthiopia.

Organizers expect over 3,000 Ethiopians to visit the three-dayevent

Source: Ethiopian News/Xinhua

Published: 07/05/17