4 - 6 Jul 2017

Addis ababa, intercontinental hotel

Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations

On Wednesday 11th JanuaryMichelle Meyrick, International Events Director of MIE Events and JustineClave, Event & Marketing Executive of MIE Events met with Gashaw Abate,Director of Trade & Investment Promotion at Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce& Sectoral Associations.  They werejoined by the local agent Nebeyu Lemma, Managing Director at Prana Promotionswho will be assisting with local operations of China Trade Week (CTW) on behalfof MIE Events.  

Mr. Abate was very welcoming of MIE Events andPrana Promotions and noted the huge investment of China into many projects inEthiopia.  Mr. Abate was eager for CTW tobe a joint partnership with one of the existing events currently taking placein Addis Ababa, most appropriately Matex-Ethiopia 2017 “Boosting ManufacturingCompetitiveness through Trade Facilitation”. It was explained that CTW should be a tradeshow in its own right and preferrednot to be partnered with another show. Mr. Abate is happy to promote our event through emails and sms to theirmembers.